Sunday, December 8, 2013

harrojapan - Vegips review

Whats that you say? They are vegetables, but they are also chips? Oh my, they are even called "Vegips"!?

Welcome to the latest craze in the Japanese snack industry (which is huge); drying out vegetables and turning them into a (supposedly) healthier alternative to the traditional potato chip. 

I've seen these type of products around for quite a while here now, but haven't quite gotten around to trying any of them. Today, out of curiosity, I have decided to take the plunge and review a packet. Vegips appear to be one of the most popular brands around, so a good starting point; I presume.  

Vegips come in various flavors. Some of which include- onion and Japanese pumpkin, sweet potato and pumpkin, carrot and mushroom and a host of others. The packet I've decided to review today is sweet potato and Japanese pumpkin. 

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