Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Unique Japanese Foods- Ice Cream

Of the six years I’ve spent in Japan thus far, it never ceases to amaze me every time I come across a new and bizarre flavor of ice-cream; and trust me when I say, there are plenty!

Each prefecture tends to have it’s own popular brand, for example in Kyoto I’ve had green tea ice cream and tofu milk ice cream. Both of which are nice.

I’ve also tasted wasabi, lavender (foul stuff), wild berry, sweet potato, and goma. Some of these tend to be slightly more savory rather than sweet.

Some ice creams I’ve run into though I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot barge pole. These flavors would include 

1-Caviar ice cream

2-Octopus ice cream

3- Shark fin ice cream

4- Cows tongue ice cream

5- Curry ice cream

6- Pit viper snake ice cream

7- Raw horse meat ice cream

8- Squid ice cream

9- Whale ice cream

ABOVE - Sign advertising whale meat ice cream

10- Chicken wing ice cream

I'm sure there are a ton I haven't heard of yet just as bizarre and disturbing. No doubt I will eventually run into them however.

-Sam Johnston

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