Thursday, November 29, 2012

Out and about in Japan

Some more recent pics that I've witnessed out and about recently.

So, apparantly Japan is now stocking "Sports" bananas??? Wonder how much it differs from a regular banana. I wonder.....

Mmmmmm, sports flavor! Nom nom!

When I went to Fukuoka with my wife-to-be recently, we bumped into these nude little Kappa statues causing havoc. By the way, Kappa are little tortoise/human creatures from Japanese folklore. For more information you can read about the little buggers here.

Attack of the killer Kappas....arrrggggggh!

And for those of you who happen to have goons for babies, heres a product that's perfect for your little goon.........yes that's right; Goon nappies (diapers).

Have a good weekend, chat to you goons later!

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