Monday, September 17, 2012

Unique Japanese foods - Takoyaki

Time for another piece on the wonderful world of unique Japanese foods. This time around; Takoyaki. So what is this stuff then? Well, quite simply put "tako" means "octopus" and "yaki" means cooked. Put em' all together and you get? That's right, cooked octopus. Well, cooked in a special way.

Takoyaki basically consists of chopped octopus, which is then lathered in a batter. The octopus and batter are poured into a special takoyaki pan which shapes the battered octopus into perfectly formed balls. The takoyaki balls are usually topped with a sauce, (similar to Worcestershire) mayonnaise and sprinkled with finely chopped spring onion. Sometimes ginger is applied.

Takoyaki is usually served piping hot and washed down with a cold beer. It is a popular dish to be served among street vendors and makes for a good snack on the move. Also for a fun time, do it yourself takoyaki restaurants are very popular. Sit and make your own takoyaki with friends. Give it a try-


  1. Have to throw my support behind Takoyaki...Awesome stuff especially with a little pickled ginger and COLD lager. Actually found a place in Watford that does half decent Takoyaki so they are coming to Europe.

  2. Yeah I love the stuff too. The social element of cooking it up with friends is half the fun; and of course has to be washed down with a nice cold beer. Good to hear it's catching on back in Europe!